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How does 1On1Market compare to other Marketplace Mall?

Our goal is to give you the simplest and the most profitably way to sale online and to be the best Alternative to Amazon!

eBay has been one of the main markerplace to Buy & Sell online for very long time, but at the same time it is one that is more expense, they utilized the "ebay fee calculator" because their fees structure are very complex.

However as per the various marketplace surveys of eBay, they show the interest of sellers in selling on eBay has dropped significantly after eBay increased fees structure which directly impacts their profit margin, but eBay is huge it has over 25 million active sellers.

The good news is that there are several alternatives to eBay where you can buy & sell. Here is a comprehensive list of Alternative to amazon and Alternative to eBay where you may want to try selling your items online.

1On1Market A Selling Marketplace like eBay and Amazon, The Cheapest Marketplace mall with no listing fees and depending on the package no selling fees and no ebay final value fee. 1On1Market  also offers an solution that helps sellers to manage and optimize their sales. Sellers are free to take benefit from multi-channel selling through eBay, Amazon, Google or Bing. Also includes packages that allow listing products on Google shopping which increases sales.

On 1On1Market you can sell just about anything like eBay. While some Alternatives to Amazon allow you to sell specific items online, others, like the ones listed in this section, allow you to sell pretty much anything. Here are some of the more well-known sites for selling everything online.

Amazon: The Trusted Internet Retailer, their store prices and fees vary based on a number of different factors, below there are a few alternatives to Amazon with lower fees.

Craigslist: A great alternative to eBay, there are no fees, one downside is that when you sell on Craigslist you won’t get as big of an audience as you will on eBay.

Bonanza: An Alternative to eBay, there are no listing fees, they charge a 3.5% final sale fee.

Etsy: A Selling Site like eBay, Suitable for handmade items, like Art and Crafts.

eBid: An Auction Site like eBay, sell just about anything on the site including clothing, sporting goods, art, jewelry, baby stuff and more.

iOffer: is very similar to eBay, final valuation fee based on the amount of the transaction.

Letgo: works similar to Graigslist, no fees, best for local goods, an alternative to eBay.

ArtFire: Growing Alternative to Amazon, Exhibit Creativity with no Hole in your Pockets.

Rakuten: B2B2C e-commerce Platform and a Profitable Selling Site, The International Alternative to Amazon.

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Take charge of your sales. Reach millions of
buyers on Google Shopping.

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is free. Listings never expire.

Lower Fees

Our final value fees
start at 0%. That’s free compare to what
you would pay at width: 100%;.

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Less Busy Work

Our suite of easy-to-use tools helps you
run your business better.

Friendly Support

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Marketplace mall Features





Supports Online Transaction
Buyer Protection
Google Shopping Integration Y Y N Y
Good Good Average
Listings Expiry
monthly monthly every four months
Monthly fee
0 39.99 0
Transaction fee
.10 0 .20
Total Cost
various per category 5%-11% various per category
varies per category

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