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kbs4 Suspicious emails from potential buyer

Seller Alert: Beware of suspicious emails from potential buyers asking about the final asking price of your item. This could be an attempt at 'over-payment' or 'advanced fee' fraud, which is circulating at the moment.

1On1Market is vigilant in identifying and prosecuting people who seek to de-fraud users of 1On1Market. Unfortunately we do occasionally get reports of scammers sending emails via the 1On1Market messaging system. Fraudsters tend to persistently target high-value items.

How to spot a scam

The messages sent follow a very distinctive format so once you have seen one, you are likely to spot them straight away in future. An example is pasted below:

Hello Seller

Am [NAME],I came across your item on here, i will like to buy the item,is it ready for the immediate purchase, before i proceed with the payment i will Like to ask about the item...

 1) Is the item still available for sale?
 2) What is the present condition of the item?
 3) Do you accept PAYPAL as your mode of payment?
 4) what is the final asking price?

 Kindly get back to me with your reply to ([EMAIL ADDRESS])

 Best Regards.

Reporting the user to 1On1Market

1On1Market Admin remove and report any usernames who send these messages. If the username/profile for the user no longer exists, the user has been dealt with, so you can safely just ignore and delete the message.

If the user's 1On1Market profile page does still exist or if you are unsure,  please forward their emails (including their 1On1Market username) to support@1On1Market.com

How the scam works

Further correspondence with the 'buyer' often results in this type of exchange: 

Thanks for the respond,i am an oceanographer and am currently on the sea at the moment, i am buying the item as a gift for my mother,i want to make it a surprise gift for her,she won't know anything about the gift until they get delivered to her so i want you to reassure me that the item is in good condition as you have described.i can only pay through PayPal.So please kindly get back to me immediately so i can proceed with the payment and after the payment has been done,i have a pick up agent that will come around to pick the Item up immediately after payment,so you don't have to bother your self about shipping,all I will need from you now is your PayPal email,phone number and the address where pick up is going to take place with the final asking price, so I can book shipping with my agent before making the payment for you.

The 'buyer' arranges to send funds (including a large amount to cover courier costs) to your Paypal account and then asks you to transfer the shipping fee, often to a Western Union account. However, the email which appears to be from Paypal which states that you have received money relating to this order, is likely to be fake and so the shipping fee that you transfer out of your account will be your own money.

More information on a similar scam

If you have responded via email

If you have entered into conversation with the bogus buyer via email, please stop responding straight away and mark any emails that were sent directly from their email address (usually a yahoo.com address) as SPAM - this will send a report to their email provider to investigate. Please **do not** report the original notification email that came from admin@1On1Market.com/support@1On1Market.com or you may not receive any future messages from us or genuine buyers!

DO NOT ship the item or allow anyone to pick it up, and DO NOT send any of your own money to the 'buyer' to cover any costs.

Please always log into your Paypal account to check your actual funds and transactions. If you believe an email or transaction to be bogus or fraudulent, please report it to Paypal. If you have transferred any money to a suspected fraudster, please contact your local Police station on 911.