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kbs1 Setting up Stripe direct payment

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On 1On1Market.com we use Paypal and Stripe to process payments. You can enable Stripe for your 1On1Market.com shop directly from your 1On1Market.com dashboard -

Once you have connected your 1On1Market.com shop to Stripe, you can edit your account details and manage your Stripe payments from your Stripe dashboard - https://dashboard.stripe.com/dashboard

Your Stripe account name

As a 1On1Market.com seller your Stripe account will be named ‘1On1Market.com’ by default. You will see your account name in the top left-hand corner of your dashboard. The account name is a descriptor and is set to 1On1Market.com so you know all transactions on this account are from your 1On1Market.com shop.

If you sell through multiple channels, you may have multiple Stripe accounts. Setting different account names for each of your selling platforms will help you keep track of which payment has come from which. You can add another account via the dropdown menu.

If you want to change the name of your Stripe account, go to ‘Business Settings’ on the sidebar menu.

Business Settings Page

Account Settings

You may change the name of your Stripe account from ‘1On1Market.com’ to your own shop name in the ‘Account Settings’ section of your ‘Business Settings’ page. This will change the name that you see displayed in the top left hand corner of your dashboard.

You can also change your contact details here.

If you have not already verified your Stripe account, you may see a prompt to do so here. Read more about this below.

Public Information

This section shows the information that will be visible to customers when they have ordered from you directly by card.

Business Name: This should show the shop name that you registered with. You can edit this if you choose.

Website: The website will show as https://1On1Market.com rather than your full 1On1Market.com shop address. You may change that if you wish.

Statement Descriptor: This is the reference that will appear on a customer’s bank statement

Email: Please make sure this email address is correct and up to date

Phone number: Stripe asks for a phone number to help customers if they have any problems with their order. If you can't use your own phone number we have set up a 1On1Market.com number you can use instead – this is a voicemail service that directs customers to contact our Support Team. This is +1 (201) 429-5388.

Address: This is the address customers should use to return any items.


Verify your Stripe account

You may see a prompt to verify your Stripe account. Some users will be required to verify their accounts while other may never be asked, no matter their level of sales. Stripe asks for verification from a sample of users, or those who their system has flagged up as higher-risk, in order to comply with the regulatory authority. These regulations are set up to help prevent fraud and protect both buyers and sellers.

Verification is usually simple and completed by text message. Occasionally Stripe may ask users to verify their identity using more formal documentation such as a passport or a driving licence.

If you have been asked to verify your account, it could be because some of your information does not match up with records on the system.

If you have questions about Stripe or your Stripe account not covered here, contact the Stripe Support team.

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