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kbs1 what sellers need to comply with

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In order to maintain a pleasant user experience for all 1On1Market.com members, we require that sellers maintain appropriate seller performance metrics. Seller performance metrics are calculated based on a 30 day rolling period and update every day.

1On1Market.com monitors three main metrics to evaluate seller performance: Late Shipment Rates, Support Response Times, and Return/Cancellation Rates.

Please find an explanation of the required performance standards and the penalties for non-compliance with these standards below:

1. Late Shipments: 1On1Market.com requires that all sellers ship items prior to the “Expected Ship Date” which is provided to the customer when they place their order. If you do not submit tracking information through 1On1Market.com by the Expected Ship Date, then the shipment is marked as late.

The “Expected Ship Date” is calculated as follows: Order Date + Lead Time.

However, if the Expected Ship Date falls on a Saturday or Sunday, 1On1Market.com will set the Expected Ship Date to the following Monday.


Order 1 Placed on:                          Monday, February 2nd , at 12:00pm
Lead Time on Seller Account:           1 days
Expected Ship Date:                       Tuesday, February 3rd at 12:00pm

Order 2 Placed on:                          Monday, February 2nd , at 12:00p
Lead Time on Seller Account:           5 days
Expected Ship Date:                       Monday, February 9th at 12:00pm

(Please note: in Example 2 the Order Date + the Lead Time, falls on a Saturday, therefore the Expected Ship Date was set to the next Monday)

February requires that all sellers maintain lower than 5% late shipments. If your late shipment rate exceeds 5% your account may be suspended.

2. Support Response Time: 1On1Market.com requires that all sellers communicate promptly with customers. All inquiries in your 1On1Market.com mailbox must be responded to or marked as “No Response Required”. You can mark a message as "No Response Required" by clicking the check mark on the left side of the message, which will change it to the color blue.

All sellers must ensure that their average support response time is less than 48 business hours. While non-compliance with this policy typically does not result in account suspension, 1On1Market.com reserves the right to suspend any seller, for any reason, at any time.

3. Return/Cancellation Rate: 1On1Market.com requires that all sellers maintain quality fulfillment rates.

The “Return/Cancellation Rate” is calculated as follows:
# Canceled or Returned Orders / Total # of Orders

For period ending Friday February 6th -
Total Orders Places: 100
Total Orders Cancelled by Seller: 3
Total Orders Returned: 1
Return/Cancellation Rate: 4/100=4%

1On1Market.com requires that all sellers maintain lower than 5% Return/Cancellation Rate. If your Return/Cancellation rate exceeds 5%, 1On1Market.com will charge fees on any refunded or cancelled orders.

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