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kbs1 Copyright and Trademarks

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Items sold on 1On1Market.com must *not* infringe someone else’s copyright or trademark.

If you are listing items to sell please make sure that:

If your item includes an image that has not been created by you, that you have permission to use it.
If you are using a brand name, logo etc., it is your responsibility to check that you are not infringing the owner's Copyright and any Trademark. Any liability rests with you should the copyright or trademark owner pursue a legal case against you for misuse of a trademarked term or logo and/or for using copyrighted material.

What do I do if I feel a seller on 1On1Market.com has breached my copyright?

This is a particularly sensitive matter that can cause a lot of distress, especially when it concerns two sellers on 1On1Market.com.

Please contact us if you feel that a seller on 1On1Market.com has breached your copyright and we will do our best to help you resolve the issue with the other seller.
Please provide us with written details of the alleged copyright infringement including:

  • Links to your shop and that of the other seller
  • Links to the items of yours which you believe are being copied
  • Links to the corresponding items in the other seller's 1On1Market.com shop
  • Any evidence which supports your claim that your item was created first
  • Any evidence which supports your claim that the other seller is copying your work
  • If the copyright infringement concerns a trademark, please include your registered trademark number
  • For the quickest response, please email us directly at support@1on1market.com or open a new ticket here on our Helpdesk.

1On1Market.com policy on alleged copyright and trademark infringement

We can only take action or remove items from 1On1Market.com if we know that they definitely infringe Copyright.  Each company has their own policy on use of their brand; some don't allow any use of their name, logo etc., others actively encourage it. Also, parodies of works protected by copyright often fall under existing fair use exceptions, and this is something we can not research or police.

Therefore if there is an alleged infringement, we ask that the owner of the Copyright, or an agent authorised to act on behalf of the owner, contacts us directly to provide us with a Infringement Notice. Only complaints by owners or their agents will be pursued by 1On1Market.com Ltd. The listing(s) (and potentially the shop) will then be suspended while the complaint is assessed, and any further action taken as necessary.

Our policy is legitimate and is based on the consensus position of sites where the content is created by users of the service.

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