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Welcome to our FAQ!

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What is 1On1Market.com?

1On1Market.com is an online marketplace for buying and selling items faster while having more fun. Our specialty is helping you buy and sell items that aren't shiny, new, and mass-produced. The principle of relentless simplicity drives our easy-to-use yet powerful online store experience.

Why should I sell here?

Why, you're in luck because we've dedicated an entire page to that topic. Click here to learn what makes 1On1Market.com the best place to sell online.

What does it cost to use 1On1Market.com?

Don't you hate how it usually takes five or more pages of clicking around marketplace sites to get a straight answer on this question? Here's the scoop: Buying on 1On1Market.com is free. Posting items for sale is free (including pictures). When you sell items, here is what you'll owe (Hint: it's about one-third what you might be used to paying in eBay fees).

How do I register?

Like this. Takes about a minute.

How does 1On1Market.com work?

You can learn all about our business model here.

How can I contact you?

Visit our contact form.

How does 1On1Market.com compare to other eBay alternatives?

1On1Market.com is one of several sites like eBay. The difference between us and the others is that we are improving 1On1Market.com every single day with new features that make 1On1Market.com stand out from the competition. But don't take our word for it.

These are dumb questions! Where can I get answers to my better questions?

It takes but a minute to start selling. We organize our main help section by the topics you see at the right side of the page. Follow these links.